Storyteller / Entrepreneur / Motion Designer & Animator


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Within my project, I am exploring and sharing how she (every "she") is the universe. Through the power of storytelling, I am exploring the question of what it means to be a girl in today’s age.

I am creating a series of 100 + short video portraits featuring the voices of 13-18 year old girls around the globe.

For a year, I will travel around the world, to developing countries as well as to developed ones, meeting young women and documenting their stories, their hopes, fears, their dreams… specially their dreams.

I believe every girl deserves to dream, and they deserve for us to support them, to be by their side while they come out into a world that sometimes can’t see their potential. And there is a lot of potential.

Data shows that when girls are empowered, they can lift themselves, and everyone around them out of poverty. So by supporting girls’ dreams, we are also helping transform the world.

I am also creating an online community where the audience and the girls will have the opportunity to connect and support each other. This safe space will serve to encourage the girls and to give every woman an opportunity to connect with their dreams, share their voice, and be seen.

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